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Zipato is a next-generation security solution for your home and family that provides you with extensive monitoring and alerting services in case of fire, burglary, flood or gas leakage, as well as custom child and senior care solutions.

Zipato is the complete control and automation platform. You can control your home from anywhere, automate all devices, see what’s going on when you are away, and get instant alerts in case of any security or safety issue.

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Installing a smart security and remote control system will allow customers to remotely arm/disarm their system and turn on/off their lights and appliances. Some systems also have schedulers and timers to allow customers some form of automation.

Easy online tool that allows complete customisation of your system

With Zipato you can remotely control and automate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, shades, home appliances, curtains, irrigation, home entertainment… just about everything in your home. You can easily automate your home to improve comfort, usability and even save energy.

Keep an eye on your home

Access cameras in your home or business remotely to see what triggered the alarm via live, real-time video. View clips of pre-alarm and post-alarm events video on your mobile phone and PC. You can also use night vision to see in the dark.

Control your home from anywhere and anytime

Full comfort for you and your entire family!

Zipato Rule Creator is accessible on any platform including Mac OS, Windows and Linux—all without the need to install and maintain any application on your computer. Updates from Zipato Rule Creator to the Zipabox are wireless and can be a great benefit to an installer looking to add functionality to an existing Zipato system without the need to drive just to update the system.

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