Sep 26
Home Automation in Malta – A guide to smart devices, set-up, and the Z-Wave
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For Maltese homeowners and parents with busy schedules, home automation takes a slice of science fiction and brings it to real life. Home automation systems are rapidly transforming  from a ‘lap of luxury’ to an affordable, helping hand accessible to most households. In this guide , we take a look at how home automation can change the way we run our household, and walk you through the essentials of setting up an integrated, comprehensive home automation system. Ing. Robert Frendo, Technical Director at AQS MED LTD joins us to answer our questions, and discuss home automation in Malta, what it involves, and…
Jun 24
New half-cell monocrystalline panels unveiled by Q-Cells
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Q-Cells' upgraded version of its Q.Peak Duo solar module series: the G6, is said to increase module yield by around 6% for a power output ranging from 355-420W. This was done by increasing the wafer size from 156.75 mm-wafer in G5 to 61.7 mm wafers in the G6. The panel, which features Q Cells’ Q.Antum passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology and six busbars, is available in a 122-cell format with an output of 355 W and in a 144-cell version, which Hanwha says ensures an output of 420 W. Furthermore, the new technology allows for a panel which is…
Jun 19
Solar energy’s importance in Malta’s new energy plan
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The draft National Energy and Climate Plan lays out crucial objectives for the island of Malta. It aims for a 19% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 13% share of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2030. These objectives are in line with the EU’s long-term climate goals and Paris Agreement commitments. These efforts are paramount in Malta's efforts to improve our European and global credibility. Almost half of the European Union’s (EU) 28 member states have already hit their 2020 renewable energy targets. In comparison, Malta's share of renewables remains far below targets. Solar energy has proved…
Dec 16
Feed-in tariff for commercial PV extended till June 2019
The Energy Ministry said today that following the full take-up of the scheme for PV systems between 40kWp and 1MWp, the existing feed-in tariff scheme of 14.5c per kWh is being extended to June 2016. The extension applies for a total capacity quota of 6MWp. The scheme for PV panels of between 1kWp and 40kWp at a feed-in tariff of 15.5ċ per kWh is also being extended to June and the quota is being raised to 4MWp. New applications will be received at the office of the Regulator immediately. Contact us for more information on how you can benefit from this scheme
Oct 15
AQS completes 636kWp PV project at PAMA Supermarket
15 Oct, 2015. 0 Comments. Projects.
AQS completes a 636kWp solar photovoltaic installation on the roof-top of the new PAMA Supermarket in Mosta, Malta. Moreover, the PV system consisting of circa 2500 PV panels generates circa 1MWh per year, as a consequence, it results in savings of over 720 Tonnes of CO2 emissions and enough clean energy to power over 200 households. Therefore, we proudly invite you to see the video on our YouTube Channel: PV project PAMA Supermarket