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PV projects up to 40kWp are currently eligible for a fixed feed-in tariff 15c guaranteed for 20 years subject to an application with the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS). Over 40kWp the awarded feed-in tariff is subject to competitive bidding process. In both cases an Enemalta grid-connection study is required and for larger projects a full development permit may be required.
In all cases we will guide you through the entire multi-step application and approval process in a simple and systematic way, and will take care of all the paperwork.

LEASING – PV projects

For commercial PV projects, apart from the obvious outright sale, we are offering a number of leasing options that allow land-owners and building occupiers to benefit from revenue streams without any capital outlay and with the option to buy-in at any time.

Below is a list of the main options we offer:
Leasing Option A

Full financing / Delayed ownership

We let the PV system pay itself through the energy generated and we transfer ownership to the owner / occupier after it is fully paid off allowing them to continue to benefit from the feed-in tariff or to use the electricity generated for their own use.

Leasing Option B

Rental Model

We offer the owner / occupier a fixed annual sum for the full 20-year duration of the feed-in tariff term.

Leasing Option C

Variable Revenue Share

We offer the owner / occupier a share of the revenue giving them a variable income aligned with the performance of the system for the full 20-year duration of the feed-in tariff term.

LEASING – EV Charging Projects

We are working with a number of car park operators, shopping malls, supermarkets and other outlets to install and operate EV charging station and integrate these their billing systems and/or their loyalty schemes.

Just like we do with solar, for EV charging we can offer a range of commercial options:

  • Outright sale of the chargers and monthly or quarterly payments for the software licence & maintenance based on number of chargers
  • No upfront cost with monthly or quarterly payments covering leasing of chargers, software licence & maintenance
  • No upfront cost, whereby we do the investment ourselves and we share the revenue with the land owner / building occupier