Regain control of your energy costs

Your business should not be at the mercy of your next electricity bill. AQS can help you choose and implement the best solution so that you can cut your operating costs and regain control of your energy costs.

To address these energy costs, we offer a complete solution. Starting, we combine solar photovoltaic systems, integrated solar heating / cooling, heat pumps, hybrid gas boilers and building management systems. Likewise, we incorporate energy monitoring, management, optimization and building automation.

Moreover, we can combine fire & security in the same system so that you do not have to worry about interfacing different systems and dealing with multiple suppliers.  One supplier – many solutions.

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Small & Medium Businesses

As a business owner you want to find the best solutions to cut your operating expenses.

Our commercial solar solutions are designed to maximize your return on investment using only the best high performance tier one modules in the market, in house design & engineering customized for your needs and product warranties that can be extended right up to the life time of the system.

Moreover, with a number of different financing options to choose from, we are sure that we can make the economics work for you.

With a technological product mix adapted to cut down your energy consumption, AQS truely offers a one-stop shop approach with a vision to treat energy conservation in a holistic way.

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Large Scale Commercial Solar

We can match make large businesses or land owners with our international network of foreign and local solar farm investors and offer various levels of involvement in Project Financing, Engineering, Procurement, Contracting and O&M for large scale photovoltaic farms.

As one of the local leading photovoltaic EPC companies with a growing portfolio of solar deployments, we can guide you on local policy, utility rates,  permitting and identification of the opportunities.

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Property Developers

Just like the renewable energy industry, property development in Malta is currently going through an economic boom. The fact that these two industries are closely linked together, namely because of the ever increasing policies and legislation with regards to energy conservation in buildings, means that a number of opportunities to co-operate exist.

Property developers have a unique opportunity to integrate green technology in new homes and offices which effectively increases the property’s selling or rental value as well as the operating costs.

AQS can provide the right solutions and products to achieve a zero energy footprint from the early design stages with the architects involved  in the project right up to the installation and commissioning of  these systems.

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Agricultural Solutions

Agricultural businesses face a lot of challenges nowadays. We can help you address these ever demanding challenges by offering you a range of financial solutions and innovative products to improve your business.

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