Agricultural Solutions

Invest in solar or let us invest in it….

Whether you want to reduce your utility bills and invest in a solar photovoltaic system or you want to rent out your roof space to us, we can find the best solution to reduce your costs.

AQS have built expertise on utilizing agricultural roof spaces – whether on flat roofs or on cow shed tents.

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Innovative solar greenhouses

Not enough roof space…why not replace your green houses with the latest generation of solar green houses ? The solar greenhouse can also pay for itself from the energy that it generates.

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Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart irrigation systems are the answer to adapting the supply of water to your crops or trees as climatic conditions change from day to day.

With the additional of remote monitoring and controlling, besides automatic irrigation, it means that your produce does not suffer from water stress. Additional functionality such as weather, humidity, temperature and security monitoring can be integrated into the solution.

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Solar pumps

Finally, solar pumps have been around for a while now and the ability to pump water from boreholes into reservoirs without the need for the local utility. As a consequence, the water can be pumped at no expense and reliably when it is mostly needed.

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