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Solar energy business advantage

Utilizing open roof space or land is a win-win situation when it comes to solar energy generation. A technology which began just under 50 years ago and has proven itself along the years, solar energy generation is an investors long term secured income vehicle.

Choosing the right partner to design, construct and manage the project is critical. The products have to be sourced from reliable brands but the banks and investors ultimately need the right people to see the project through for its full life time.

At AQS we have embarked on a number of projects, each another brick in the wall of success which keeps on instilling trust in our investors and the banks.

Be part of our success today and make your investment a sound one. In the meantime, help our planet’s future by decreasing the carbon footprint.

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World class products for large scale projects

We source our products directly from leading manufacturers in the solar industry.  This means that our systems are built to last and that we are tapping into the knowledge and experience of companies who have supplied large scale commercial solar projects all over the globe throughout the years.

The quality of the components that make up a solar project, namely the solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and mounting structure has to be second to none. These components have to last at least 20 years under all climatic conditions so the quality has to be an integral part of the system from day one. This together with the product and performance warranties makes the whole project bankable and interesting for future investors.

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Large Scale Commercial Solar

There has never been a better time to invest in large scale solar energy projects. With the new solar farm policies ready to be published, more and more owners of quarries, large roof tops and disturbed land are investing in solar projects or are approaching AQS to match them with solar project investors.

On the other hand, as an investor, we can offer you a range of projects which are ready  to be developed. With attractive Feed in-tariffs based on 20 years, a strong local solar resource and the excellent reputation with banks backed by the project experience that AQS has in the solar industry, developing these projects together has never been more attractive.

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