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As a property developer you know that clients nowadays are demanding more functionality and greener technology in their new homes or offices.

By introducing the latest technologies in green energy generation and conservation such as photovoltaic systems, solar-driven central water heating systems, solar cooling, heat pumps and gas backup heating and smart home/office automation products, you are not only reducing the carbon foot print and running costs of these buildings but you are also effectively increasing their value.

AQS can assist you from the very early stages of the project and help you plan out these systems with the architect and technical project consultants, guide you through the relevant permitting and install, commission and maintain the systems for you or your clients.

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Building integrated photovoltaics

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) often presents architects and planners with unnecessarily complex challenges due to a lack of nationwide standards and directives. Our suppliers have unique expertise in the integration of solar modules into facades. We support you in the selection of the optimum solar module for your particular environment. In addition, we are able to take into account the necessary technical and building regulations for the module already during production.

Thus, your BIPV project can be a symbiosis of architectural design, functional properties and economic renewable energy conversion without restrictions.

Basically all areas of the building envelope can be used for BIPV systems. Although solar modules are preferably installed on roof surfaces due to good irradiation values, facade surfaces have enormous potential. Our CIGS thin-film solar modules replace conventional building materials and take over their function.

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Centralised solar water heating & solar air conditioning

Modern developments in solar cooling & heating technology means that apartments and offices can use solar technology to heat & cool the building as well as provide centralized domestic hot water. This technology utilizes additional heat backup by gas or heat pumps in order to maintain cooling or heating during cloudy periods whilst ensuring that operational costs and environmental impact are as low as possible.

Centralizing cooling & heating ensures that the least possible amount of roof and plant space is required whilst the economies of scale ensure that the Capax and Opex costs are kept as minimal as possible.

Maintaining a centralized system is also more cost effective and intervention time is also kept at a minimum with maintenance contract agreements. Over and above, these systems are integrated in a centralized BMS system that ensures remote monitoring and fine tuning by our staff.

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Smart building automation

Increasingly, modern homes, residences for elderly, hotels and offices are starting to incorporate building automation systems in order to provide fire & flooding prevention, security & CCTV protection, comfort, monitoring, access control and elderly health care.

Traditionally, most of these systems were isolated systems and owners ended up having to deal with a host of different suppliers. Moreover, monitoring, managing and integrating these systems was a nightmare if not all together impossible.

AQS offers one integrated solution to manage smart building automation with a number of options to control & monitor them, including through smart phones.

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