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We offer electric vehicle charging solutions to cater for all vehicles for both residential and a large variety of commercial applications including car parks and car ports.

We offer two connection types:

  • Socket type – Mostly for commercial use where EV owners use their own cables
  • Tethered type – Mostly found in homes where one type of plug / socket is required.

We offer both AC and DC charging:

  • AC chargers – these are the most common types whereby the charger is supplying AC but with limited power output. This system uses the vehicle’s onboard AC-DC charger.
  • DC chargers – these are more expensive but provide higher power for faster charging supplying power directly to the vehicle’s battery.

Software integration

For commercial EV chargers we also offer the backend software integration to allow car park operators, shopping malls, supermarkets and other outlets to integrate EV charging with their billing system and/or their loyalty schemes.


Request a Quote

Charging project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your vehicles and usage patterns to understand which product would suit you best. Next we will provide you with a detailed quote providing different options allowing you to fully customise the system to suit your needs