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Smart Home Automation is a system which upgrades a home using the latest technology to address Security, Safety, Energy Management and Comfort Living on one unified platform. Using the latest wireless communication standards in the industry based on the z-wave protocol,  devices can communicate with each other to provide all the smart home requirements of modern homeowners.


Since the technology is wireless, devices can be added and removed as needed which makes the system future proof and does not require passing new cabling each time a sensor is added to the system. It also means that sensors will operate even when there are power outages so that security & safety of the home and its occupants can be maintained. Sensors that guard against intrusion, fire, flooding or gas leakages can be added to enhance the protection of the home.


A number of smart controllers are installed in the house to guarantee that all devices can communicate efficiently and effectively. Features such as intelligent lighting, scenes, voice activated control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home can be used to control devices such as light switches, light dimming, AC climate control, blinds and curtains and many other devices within the home.


Of course all of this is controlled using mobile apps whether you are in or outside the home. Energy management is also maintained using intelligent rules on the controllers to both save electricity and also monitor the power consumption within the home.


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Every smart home project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home to understand which smart products you are interested in. Next we will provide you with a detailed quote providing different options in terms of automation level allowing you to fully customise the system to suit your needs.