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Q-Cells’ upgraded version of its Q.Peak Duo solar module series: the G6, is said to increase module yield by around 6% for a power output ranging from 355-420W. This was done by increasing the wafer size from 156.75 mm-wafer in G5 to 61.7 mm wafers in the G6. The panel, which features Q Cells’ Q.Antum passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology and six busbars, is available in a 122-cell format with an output of 355 W and in a 144-cell version, which Hanwha says ensures an output of 420 W.

Hanwha Q Cells Q.Peak Duo-G6 panel


Furthermore, the new technology allows for a panel which is not only more efficient but also longer lasting. In fact, the G6 can maintain more than 85% of its initial performance after 25 years, Q-Cells claim. Hanwha Q Cells said the G6 would be produced at its 1.6 GW factory in northern Georgia, in the U.S, and will be distributed in major solar markets later this year.

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