Gree Dehumidifier Daisy Series (20L/day)



The Daisy Dehumidifier features a new stylish design, electronic humidity control, on / off timer, 3 speeds, Auto Restart and a host of other features. It is extremely silent, has wheels for extra ease of transport, and has a 2-year warranty!

In addition, the Daisy Dehumidifier is capable of continuous operation by means of sewer pipe connection, where possible, as well as by the presence of a condensate tank with automatic shutdown during filling.

Did you know that the Daisy Dehumidifier helps you:

  • Improve your health
  • Dry the clothes inside the house
  • Eliminate mold & moisture
  • Keep your home better
  • Reduce heating costs

High humidity affects your life,  it can also lead to bacterial colonies growing on moist walls and floors of your home. This is because airborne microbes are responsible for the appearance of respiratory infections and allergies, especially in vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly.

Also, increased moisture is responsible for the formation of mold in the bathroom, the ceiling and generally the walls, the unpleasant odors and damaged wooden floors and furniture (wardrobe mold, mold in clothes, etc.).