Kumpan 1953



Innovative, green and stylish – simply amazing!


It´s not only about the good looks – the Kumpan 1953 features some impressive inner values. The 1953 is a small, stylish womanizer. Its unique European retro design is sure to attract everyone´s attention.

Equipped with our latest developments in battery technology and German engineering, the 1953 model reaches new heights. These portable batteries (LiFePo4 Kraftpakete) can be removed, transported and charged in no time.

Technical data

Speed:                                   55 km/h

Output:                                 2000 W (2,7 HP)

Max:                                      2500 W (3,4 HP)

Motor:                                   brushless wheel-hub motor

Max. Range:                         around 100 km with three batteries

Battery:                                 lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4);

48V 20Ah/battery Parallel connected and removable

Battery charging time:      150 mins/battery (with Kumpan standard charger)

Battery weight:                    9 kg per battery (total weight approx. 27 kg)

Weight:                                 55 kg (93 kg incl. three batteries)

(allowed max. weight: 193 kg)

Brakes:                                 Hydraulic disc brake (front/back)

Storage:                               lockable storage compartment under the seat and open glove compartment

Seating:                                One driver only. No passengers


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