TKB Dimmer Insert with Single Paddle



The Dimmer Insert is a wall switch, which has a dimmer module integrated. The wall switch has one shift paddle. The dimmer is able to switch one electrical load with up to 300 watts. With the shift paddle you can control the connected electrical load. The wall switch can be easily connected to an electrical load without installing a flush mounted module separately. The dimmer is located inside a module, which is directly connected to the wall switch with the paddle. With that TKB Home wall switch you can replace any switch insert or toggle switch. The wall switch can be mounted on any flush box.   Properties: Z-Wave Plus EU-Frequency: 868,42 Mhz Packing content: Dimmer insert with one shift paddle Voltage: 230V AC 2 Relais each 6A / 1380 watts Integrated LED for indication on the paddle Standby power consumption: 0,8 watts With the TKB Home Dimmer Wallswitch you can easily make your installed light smart and connected. The wall switches can be connected to every Z-Wave system. The automation of your lamps and lights has never been easier than before thanks to Z-Wave. Without installing and wiring and cables can different devices with each other.

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