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Keep an eye on large outdoor areas, day and night, wherever you are. Zipato Outdoor IP Camera combines high definition recording with wireless and cloud connectivity to bring HD video of large outdoor areas wherever you are, locally or or over the Internet, via connected device of your choice. It is IP66 rated, for dust and rain protection. As a part of Zipato Smart Monitoring Kit, you can use it to see live and recorded video upon any alarm event, get attached video on alerts and many more. Joined in Zipato network, it can be part of virtually limitless automation scenarios you can create by using Zipato Rule Creator.

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  1. Desmond

    Have it set up with Zipatile and works ok. Functionality wise is good, not too expensive and looks ok. Only wish the image quality would be higher. All in all, ok camera.

  2. Nevia

    Ho un grande giardino e percio’ questo prodotto e’ molto conveniente per avere sempre controllo di che cosa succede davanti alla mia casa. Con il Rule Creator, ho sistemato di ricevere video messaggi degli eventi fuori. Ho figli e la sicurezza e’ molto importante per me. Mi posso fidare di questa camera!

  3. Sansa

    Been using it for some time now, works great!

  4. Jorge

    Nice and robust IP camera, working great in night conditions.

  5. Adolf

    This actually works with wireless as well, so that was a big plus for my installation.
    Price for this camera is actually the best thing about it. For this price, I was expecting a trashy camera, but this actually performs well and I couldn’t be happier with it. Definitely recommendable.

  6. Roberto

    I have it for a two months, and can recommend it to everybody. Best buy for sure.

  7. Joseph M. Alber

    This is the best purchase i’ve made, possibly ever, that I know of. Within one week I caught someone going through my car and looking into my house.

  8. Jaros

    Stabile und hübsche Verpackung. Kamera ist 100% kompatibel mit der Zipato Gateways. Da kann ich Einstellungen bearbeiten, Vorschaubild aktualisieren, Web Oberfläche der Kamera öffnen,
    Live Stream öffnen, Bild Order öffnen

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