Zipato Micromodule Double Switch



Control power consumption of one connected electric load with this compact module. You can easily hide it in a wall box without altering your home decoration. Zipato Micromodule Switch Double enables you to control in-wall switch or power outlet with Zipato home automation controllers, any Z-Wave remote or module’s built-in push button. This small, hidden Z-Wave module installs in the electrical box behind your switch/ outlet, and wires in between your switch/outlet and two connected loads. How It Works: When the module is installed behind a two-gang wall switch, the wall switches no longer directly control the connected loads. Instead, both switches serve as inputs for the mod­ule, which has an internal relay to control the connected loads. This relay transmits commands to your loads from the wall switch or a Z-Wave remote. It supports two loads up to 1500W each and has built-in overload protection.

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