Zipato Multisensor Quad



Zipato Multisensor embodies elaborate security and ambient sensing features in one, multifunctional device, connected to Z-Wave network of your choice. Presence detector, temperature meter, illuminance meter and door/window sensor in one device. Multisensor Quad offers elaborate security and ambient sensing options. Multifunctional nature of this product allows you to detect motion, monitor opened/closed status of any opening object, measure room’s ambient temperature and light intensity. When used with Zipato home automation controllers it can be part of any automation scenario created using Zipato Rule Creator. It can be used either to detect intruders or to automatically trigger other Z-Wave de­vices when activated. Primarily intended for use as a door/window sensor, the Multisensor Quad consists of sensor and a magnet. One piece mounts on the door/window frame, and the other mounts on the door/window itself. When the two components separate, sensor reports that door/window is open.

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