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Zipabox Smart Home Controller – control your home from anywhere in the world. Makes every home safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Everyone likes the idea to control their home from anywhere and automate routine home activities. Home protection, conserving energy and making life easier are clear benefits, but the real challenge is how to do it easily and cost effective. Zipabox Gateway uses advanced technology to hide the complexity of home networking – delivering a simple smart home. It plugs into any outlet in the home and automatically talks to all the connected devices in the house, connecting them to the cloud so that consumers can control them using tablets, smart phones, computers or TVs— at home or on the go. Simple to install and easy use, Zipabox is far more cost-effective and feature-rich than traditional custom-install alternatives. Zipabox is the new brains of the smart and connected home. The Zipabox brings real value to consumers and service providers. It represents a platform to connected services and service support. Consumers use it to manage their homes, and service providers use it to activate new services and capabilities on demand. Moreover, it allows service providers to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues—meaning faster, better support and less hassle for all.


  1. Joaon

    I hope this review helps others. I bought Zipabox 2 years ago and I’m very happy with it. I was skeptical when I bought it, but after a few days of testing it I was amazed what this little box can do. I also bought with it a few sensors, 4 RGBW bulbs and IP Camera. The system is really complex, but at the same time it’s easy to make everything work through the rule creator. I like that interface because it gives you a lot possibilities to create from easy to complex rules. Zipabox is really nice product. I had some problem with adding new devices that I bought recently, but their support team resolved this problem really quick. I’m thinking of buying Zipatile, I think that Zipatile is much more sophisticated and better then Zipabox. Can anybody who has Zipatile tell me is it worth it. 🙂

  2. Sasa

    Great looking and working home automation controller. Have it for around a year now and it still works great.

  3. Peter Hartfor

    My Home is been run by this small white box 🙂 Although I really like it and rest of my family get used to it I wouldn’t be able to install it without my geek friend who is more into the hight tech stuff. He made the whole installation and automation while I just assisted him. Not really a DIY product but very useful product once everything is set up.

    Now I plan to add some more Zipato products on my own, already bought Zipato RGBW bulb. After this, Zipatile is next 🙂

  4. Robert Frendo

    The Zipatile is a very innovative product and has a good number of sensors built into it. It also gives an easily accessible graphical interface to the home automation system and because it has a built in battery, continues to operate during power outages.

  5. Robert Frendo

    The Zipato system is a very versatile system and so programming rules can range from simple to complex. AQS offer programming and support services together with the products, most of which we have in stock.

  6. Desmond

    My first home controller which i bought quite some time ago. It works good as it was the first day. There were some minor problems, but support team resolved them in no time so that’s a big plus when you know you can get help in no time when you need it. To anyone who is considering automating it’s home, this is a good start.

  7. Max

    Little bit outdated but I love that you can add almost any electronic device in your house with expanding modules compatibility

  8. Ashton Ran

    The wife and I were looking for a way to easily control our home from our mobile device.
    We already have Zipato products in our household so adding the ZipaBox system seemed like a great option.
    Up until now, there hasn’t been a controller that is 1) affordable (I.e. less than $200) and 2) have easy and compact UI on the mobile app.

    All-in, I am very happy with this product and most importantly the wife approves 100%.

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