Residential Gas Heating & Heat Pumps

New Thermodynamic Solar Water Boilers

This is the latest technology to hit the market which facilitates the heating of water using captured heat from the environment regardless of climate which results in savings in energy of up to 85% !! The product can also be programmed to use excess photovoltaic energy so that your water heating bills can be reduced to zero.

The panel can be installed anywhere at angles between 10 and 85 degrees making it very versatile and also enabling it to be integrated into the building with minimal visual impact.

The product consists of an indoor stainless steel tank with an integrated high efficiency compressor and an outdoor anodised aluminium panel which also performs at night and during hail and rain.

Water is guaranteed 24 hours a day up to a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius !! Low maintenance and a 5 year warranty on the system together with a 10 year warranty on the panel makes this the best package on the market today.

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LPG Gas Condensing Water Boilers

We offer a vast range of LPG gas condensing water boilers from world renowned brands like Cosmogas or Sile – both for integrating with solar thermal buffer storage systems as well as for instant domestic hot water production. The boilers come in both wall hanging or floor standing versions.

The boilers automatically heat up instantly the water when the tap is turned on and the system shuts down once the tap is turned off – that simple ! The condensing technology reduces the heating consumption by up to 30% over traditional boilers.

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Energy efficient heat pumps

AQS can offer air to water heat pumps both as combined units with hot water storage as well as split units. The heat pumps, just like LPG condensing boilers can be integrated into a solar thermal system to provide additional backup heating when required.

Heat pumps are an efficient and economic green solution and are valid for residential and commercial buildings. The energy is consumed by the fan and compressor while about 66% of the energy to heat is collected from the air for free. It is also possible to activate the heat pump when enough photovoltaic energy is being produced to power it.

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Hybrid heating systems

Advances in heating technology have made it possible to integrate an LPG condensing water boiler in one neat and compact unit.  Together with solar collectors on the roof, this hybrid system can provide domestic hot water and central heating to a home. Optionally, a heat pump can be connected to this unit to provide further heating as and when required.

The combination of these three technologies (Sun, Air & Gas) guarantees that water heating in the home is always available at the most cost effective way possible.

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