Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems

World class tier 1 photovoltaic panels

We offer Bloomberg rated tier 1 modules from world class PV manufacturers because we believe that our clients deserve nothing short of the best. We deal directly with the manufacturers so that we can guarantee the best prices and the latest technology available in the market. This direct link ensures that we are in contact with the manufacturer when it comes to after sales support and service.

We offer a variety of products to ensure that we can meet your price and power requirements. CanadianSolar is the second largest global PV manufacturer and again we can offer 330Wp polycrystalline modules. Hanwha QCells a German company now owned by the large Korean Hanwha group manufactures innovative cutting edge technology modules starting at 285Wp & 300Wp for polycrystalline panels and the latest Generation 6 Duo panels which go up to 345Wp. LG Solar also from Korea, specializes in high power PV modules with the NeonR series reaching 365Wp for its 60 cell monocrystalline modules. All panels come with a minimum 10 year warranty against defects and a 25 year performance warranty.

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Solar inverters at the heart of every photovoltaic system

The solar inverter is the main component that converts and maximizes the power from the PV modules to the household. Moreover, modern inverters connect to the home Internet gateway so that monitoring can be carried out both by you and also as a free service by us.

Our entry level inverters come from the German solar inverter pioneers and market leaders SMA with over 35 years of manufacturing experience. SMA inverters come with a standard 5 year warranty extendable to 25 years and ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring.

As an alternative, we can also provide SolarEdge inverters with power optimizers with each panel which provide enhanced performance both in partially shaded environments as well as cloud cover and dusk and dawn. With a standard 12 year warranty, wireless connectivity and individual panel monitoring, SolarEdge offers the very best inverter technology on the market today boosting annual yields by 20% .

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Guaranteed safety from a robust mounting structure

The mounting structure is an integral part of every PV system. It has to endure the harsh effects of our climate and support the PV panels for 20 years or more.

We only install mounting frames from the German and also global leader Schletter GmbH. Schletter roof-mounting systems are individually designed to the specific wind exposure of each site and carry an industry leading 10 year guarantee on both the components and the system design. The structure is made of anodized aluminium and we use independent ballast to anchor the mounting structure and in this regard we do not penetrate your roof. We also include windbreakers at the back of the structure for added system safety against wind loading.

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Monitor your system from anywhere with us

No system would be complete if you couldn’t check on it when you are in or out of your home or office. Our Inverters come with free monitoring software and you can install the apps free of charge on your IOS or Android phones. You will also receive alerts if something goes wrong. And to give you a hand, we will also monitor your system for you free of change for the first year.

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Get a free solar quote

Every solar power project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals. It’s quick and easy. Next we will give you a 3D design so that you can visualize your solar project. We will also make sure that no shading will fall on your panels. We will also give you suggestions on how to better organize your valuable roof space.

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