Solar Heating & Cooling

Cooling for your homes

We believe that the use of air conditioning should be a pleasant and environmentally friendly experience. Solar cooling with minimal noise during operation, getting cooled by the sun is sustainable and reduces costs and climate emissions. Our solution is Purix, a solar air conditioning product made for people and powered by the sun.

The Purix green air conditioner is a stand-alone product with a modular and flexible design to accommodate a variety of indoor cooling devices for matching interior design and building architectural needs in existing buildings, or as part of any new construction.

With a nominal cooling capacity of just 2.5kW, Purix addresses the market for small applications suitable for most residential consumers, small offices, and meeting rooms.

To accommodate building designs, the solar collectors may be integrated on the roof surface, mounted on rooftops or on the ground. The Purix green air conditioner may be used as a stand alone mono- or multi split air condition system or may be used in combination with other air condition systems based on chilled water.

Offering functionality similar to conventional air condition products, the Purix solar air conditioner provides a cooling and heating function which assists you in using the full potential of the sun’s energy.

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Solar water heating systems

At AQS we offer the latest generation of solar heating and thermal integrated hot water systems from the Austrian based manufacturer Gasokol. With over three decades of experience in the solar thermal industry, Gasokol manufactures high quality solar collectors and provides all the components to address solutions which can integrate solar thermal technology.

This means that today, solar thermal technology provides hot water for domestic water consumption, fresh hot water for drinking, swimming pool heating, solar cooling and underfloor heating.

These systems use a central controller to monitor and automate all the necessary functions required. Integrate this with our Smart home automation systems and you have full control and monitoring of your home from your mobile devices !

Combining all of these technologies together in one integrated system means that the system is designed from day one to operate as a whole – effectively it is one compatible system no matter what your requirements are and this results in instant savings all year round.

So, for example you can use surplus heat in Spring and Autumn to heat your pool and extend your swimming season. No need to cover those solar collectors in summer but use the additional heat to cool your house. And in winter, use the sun to heat up your water for washing and underfloor heating. A solution for all seasons all powered by the sun !

Additional backup heating to cater for those rainy days can be provided by Gas /LPG heaters or heat pumps as an alternative to electric heating elements to keep the electrical consumption costs down.

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Every solar thermal project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use, financial goals and might require house plans. We will design the right solution for you with all the options available. Next we will give you a 3D design so that you can visualize your solar project and we will workout the energy cost savings for you.

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