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Heat pumps are electrical devices which extract heat from the air to heat the water inside the tank using a compressor in a similar way to how an air conditioner heats up the air. They are much more energy efficient, cheaper to run, and up to 75% more efficient than traditional water heaters, which instead uses a heating element to heat up an element inside the tank.


We are local partners for Climer – a leading European manufacturer of heat pumps. Climer offer a variety of sizes and applications catering for both commercial and residential installations. Climer heat pumps offer hot water up to 55°C in heat pump mode, a large volume of hot water always available, wifi connectivity, intelligent control, allowing time programming, low acoustic impact fans and a 2205/444 stainless steel tank which removes the need of a sacrificial anode setting them apart from other heat pump manufacturers.


Hot Water Shower

We are the local partner for Cosmogas – an Italian manufacturer of gas boilers founded in 1966. Cosmogas internally design and develop the widest range of condensing boilers and water heaters which are widely considered to be amongst the most efficient and reliable units on the market.

The primary component of any boiler is the heat exchanger. The design and construction of the heat exchanger will determine the efficiency of the system but also the long term performance and reliability. Cosmogas have developed and Patented an innovative heat exchanger unique in its concept and design. Unlike other heat exchanger which use narrow channelled tubes ,the Cosmogas Heat exchanger uses circular Titanium Stainless Steel 316 Ti tubes of diameter 16 mm and 18 mm . This ensures optimal water flow even when hardscale starts to form. This design also enables sufficient space between different tubes of the heat exchange for the flue gas to pass without risk of clogging. This guarantees the performance even over a number of years. This innovative design also makes it easy to carry out on site cleaning, such as the removal of any hard scale or flue gas deposit guaranteeing a long term performance and efficiency.

The Cosmogas Boilers also boast a larger sized 320mm secondary plate heat exchanger ensuring faster availability of hot water on demand, greater flow and a greater supply. This also reduces the cost of hot water production by more than 10% compared to other boilers. This design ensures what the boiler achieves what is called double condensation, increasing the efficiency of the system to nearly 100 %.

The Patented premix gas /air mixing system has a turndown ratio of 1:8 enabling the burner to remain active even on low water demands. This ensures a more controlled and uniform hot water supply without having the variations allocated to constant switching on and off of the burner.

A unit specifically designed for pool water heating is also available.


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