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We are the local partner for Longi – the world’s largest global manufacturer of solar panels. We also work with other Bloomberg tier-1 list manufacturers like QCells and Canadian Solar. The tier-1 ranking ensures that the systems we offer come with the highest of quality standards and realistic warranties backed by financially robust companies.

At the heart of every PV system is the Inverter which is responsible for converting the DC power to AC power. We are local partners for Huawei and SolarEdge, both of which provide string type hybrid inverters which are fully compatible with battery storage and offer live monitoring via their respective apps on all platforms allowing full visibility of your system’s performance wherever you are in the world. Both these brands also offer optimisers which optimise the output for each individual panel thereby boosting performance particularly in partially shaded conditions.


Another very important aspect of the PV system is the mounting structure. For this reason we use solar mounting brands like Schletter and Metaloumin which by using superior structural design and marine grade aluminium ensure that your system can withstand the toughest of elements for the full duration of its 20-year plus lifetime. In all cases we use appropriate ballast (supported by a detailed ballast plan) and we never puncture the roof.

Other types of PV mounting systems which we can offer in include special clamps for sandwich panels and industrial roofs, façade mounting for building integrated PV, solar carports, agri-voltaic structures and other types ground-mounted structures, as well as floating structures.


In all cases PV systems require technical expertise to be installed safely and correctly, and to operate efficiently. Our sales team is supported by a team of engineers that create a detailed 3D shadow analysis and yield simulation report for every specific roof thereby avoiding surprises and providing you with a custom-made system that best works for your property taking into consideration shading from surrounding buildings.


Our own professionally trained installers guarantee that the system is not only engineered and designed correctly but also installed safely and to a top-quality level leaving no details out.

Moreover, our after-sales team makes sure that once the system has been fully installed, it continues to operate correctly throughout its lifetime addressing any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Request a Quote

Every solar power project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals. It’s quick and easy. Next we will give you a 3D design so that you can visualise your solar project. We will also make sure that no shading will fall on your panels. We will also give you suggestions on how to better organise your valuable roof space.