Mar 14
Importance of working with professional engineers when planning for a new solar photovoltaic installation
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Solar photovoltaic panel installations on both residential and commercial rooftops can pose several challenges especially where limited roof space is available or where the owner wishes to maximise the power generated on the roof. ¬†A proper design based on a 3 dimensional layout of the whole system should always be done before the actual installation is carried out to ensure that the installation is done within local planning authority guidelines and is safe to clean, maintain ¬†adverse and is able to withstand adverse weather conditions. Shading analysis should also form part of the design so that the system will have…
Feb 4
Preparing your roof for a new photovoltaic installation
Going green and installing a new photovoltaic system on your roof ? Like any other endeavor, proper planning is essential, and this applies both to new roofs as well as existing ones. Water tanks, satellite dishes, aircon units and water pumps are all competing for space on our roofs, so it can be quite challenging to organize all this clutter when you want to maximize the generation of clean energy. On top of this, we want to be able to have safe access to maintain all this equipment on our roof. Planning is everything Propper planning starts by taking stock…
Jan 14
Understanding your electricity bill
Every two months, the much-dreaded ARMS bill arrives in our homes and most of us zoom in on the total due section and the billing period and simply ignore the rest of the details. These two pages however contain a wealth of information which can help us identify our electricity and water consumption patterns and can enable us to find ways of monitoring and reducing waste as well as considering alternatives to generate savings. Residential or Domestic tariffs ? The first important thing to do is to confirm that the consumer scheme type for the bill located under the meter…